Why Are We Here?

The second generation of blockchain technology has taken root and is beginning to flourish.

An entire universe of tradable assets is being built on innovative new platforms: Counterparty, Ethereum, Bitshares, and NXT – to name just a few.

The downside? From classic pump-and-dumps to carefully-crafted ponzi schemes, this world is also fraught with danger. For all the benefits offered by decentralization, the Bernie Madoffs of the world can use its anonymous nature to scam with impunity.

As we sit on the cusp of the great Crypto 2.0 explosion, we feel the time is ripe for a service that can help investors navigate this uncertain environment – and in turn, help the broader crypto community grow and flourish.

Why we exist:

Simply put, our mission is to help investors manage risk and make better-informed decisions in the “Crypto 2.0” (C2) space – specifically, by combining the inherent transparency of blockchain technology with unbiased objective analysis that can help you more accurately gauge the legitimacy of a crypto-backed asset.

We will also provide transparency for decentralized applications (Dapps), teach you how to wade through the C2 waters on your own, and provide other information that will increase your ability to make informed decisions.

The challenge of C2 investing

There are myriad investing options emerging in the next generation of blockchain platforms. These include the platform cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, NXT, Bitshares, Storj, etc.), crowdfunding projects on platforms such as Swarm, shares of DAC’s built on Bitshares and Ethereum, NXT assets, and tradable sub-currencies used by specific Dapps.

This exciting new landscape offers multiple ways for investors to potentially profit from these projects. However, these opportunities come with inherent risks. As vividly shown by the various “pump-and-dump” altcoins – as well as countless outright scams on “Crypto 1.0” investment hubs – there is no shortage of methods employed by unscrupulous individuals to separate honest investors from their funds.

Furthermore, it’s exceedingly difficult to quantify risk among legitimate C2 projects. Potential investors must rely on forum threads, vaporware websites, and hype-laden articles to make informed decisions. While C2 investors are not flying completely blind, it’s no exaggeration to say they’re flying in a very thick fog.

Glassbox aims to change this.

We will help you answer questions such as:

“Which C2 platform(s) should I invest in?
“Should I invest in this cryptoasset?”
“Is this investment a scam or ponzi scheme?”

With dozens of threatening letters recently going out to owners of various crypto-assets, the SEC has made it very clear that it intends to uphold its mission to protect investors. We strongly believe that independent and unbiased third parties can serve that purpose just as effectively – and without the need for punitive, ham-fisted threats that stifle innovation and entrepreneurship.